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use tile prop

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<div class="article_footer">
<v-snackbar center left light
......@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@
<span class="header_group_list" v-if="group_list.length" tabindex="0">{{group_list}}</span>
<span v-if="split_inf" tabindex="0"> (kløyvd infinitiv: <i>-a</i>
<v-menu rounded="0" v-model="menu" offset-x max-width="200px">
<v-menu tile v-model="menu" offset-x max-width="200px">
<template v-slot:activator="{ on, attrs }">
<v-btn aria-label="Mer informasjon om kløyvd infinitiv" x-small icon v-on="on" v-bind="attrs" class="info-button">
<v-icon color="primary" size="14px">$</v-icon>
<v-card rounded="0" class="info-card">
<v-card tile class="info-card">
Dersom du bruker kløyvd infinitiv, skal dette verbet ha <i>-a</i> i infinitiv. Les meir
<a target="_blank" href="">her</a>.
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