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Commit 0c109630 authored by Henrik.Askjer's avatar Henrik.Askjer
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rounded prop not working

parent 13951164
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
<v-btn v-if="webShareApiSupported" depressed x-small class="toolbar-button" rounded tabindex="0" @click="shareViaWebShare">
<v-icon x-small>share</v-icon><span class = "button-text">Del ordet</span>
<v-dialog max-width="600px" rounded="0" v-model="citation_dialog">
<v-dialog max-width="600px" v-model="citation_dialog">
<template v-slot:activator="{ on, attrs }">
<v-btn depressed x-small class="toolbar-button" rounded tabindex="0" v-on="on" v-bind="attrs">
<v-icon x-small>format_quote</v-icon> <span class = "button-text">Siter</span>
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
<v-card rounded="0" class="info-card">
<v-card class="info-card">
{{{"nn": "Ønskjer du å sitere denne artikkelen i Nynorskordboka, rår vi deg til å gje opp når artikkelen vart henta (lesen), t.d. slik:",
"bm": "Ønsker du å sitere denne artikkelen i Bokmålsordboka, anbefaler vi å oppgi når artikkelen ble hentet (lest), f.eks. slik:"}[this.article.dictionary]}}<br/>
<div id = "citation" v-html="this.create_citation()"/>
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