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# Marcus components
This repo contains lodspeakr-components and code for and
This repository contains all queries, templates and extra views for the University of Bergens special collection page [Marcus]( The frontend framework used is [Bootstrap v3](
When commiting, is automatically updated.
This repo runs CI and builds the latest commit to [marcus test server]( on commit where changes can be viewed. It also contains (*manual*, on *master*) deployment to []( ( before moving) can be manually updated after mergin to the master branch.
A possible workflow is:
* [open an issue](
* create merge request (from issue in [web-GUI](
* push to merge request
* review/confirm changes/feature in [the test server](
* merge request to master
* Deploy to [the production server]( by clicking on the `marcus_prod` button after the `marcus_test` job has succesfully completed for the master branch.
![Image of deployment](docs/deploy_prod.png)
## Related projects
* [ansible-marcus]( sets up the marcus infrastructure, including admin endpoint.
* [marcus search client (**marcus** branch)]( is the elasticsearch client.
* [lodspeakr]( is the framework which uses the components. The components repo is usually placed in the components in the main directory.
* [admin-components](, []( are other components repos
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