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# Admin components
This repository contains all queries, templates and extra views for the Marcus administrative webside ( The site is based on Semantic-UI. There is a submodule for the search
On commit, the current branch will be updated on
This repository contains all queries, templates and extra views for the Marcus administrative webpage ( The framework used is [Semantic-UI](
To update marcus admin, merge to `master` and manually run the `update-prod` job, after the test job finishes.
This repo supports CI and builds the latest commit to [marcus admin test server]( where changes can be viewed.
## Install
The workflow could be described as
* open issue
* create merge request (from issue in GUI)
* push to merge request
* review/confirm changes/feature in [the test server](
* merge request to master
* Deploy to [the production server]( by clicking on the `deploy_prod` button after the `build` and `deploy` jobs have succesfully completed for the master branch.
![Image of deployment](docs/deploy_prod.png)
## Related projects
[ansible-marcus]( sets up the marcus infrastructure, including admin endpoint.
[marcus search client (admin branch)]( is the elasticsearch client.
## Semantic UI
Configuration files used to change components
## Blackbox search
The blackbox search is
Edit theme in static/themes/uib. folder `uib` is then copied to `static/semantic/src/themes` before building
......@@ -21,12 +39,12 @@ cd static/semantic/
npx gulp build
## Install Blackbox-search
Blackbox searchclient is built from and branches from modularize-admin (for tes
Updating the search of is a manual CI-task, for the modularize-admin branch only. Visit the commit to update admin-search from in the modularize-admin branch, and click the play button for `deploy_prod`.
## Install Blackbox-search / Admin
The admin search contains a similar CI configuration in [marcus-search-client]( where changes will be automitcally deployed to test, while prod can be updated from the UI.
## Local development/deployment
At the moment building this requires Node 6 which is past end of life support. It may be hard to set up locally.
# To install manually locally (don't use for prod or test servers, which are managed from the git repo)
......@@ -35,8 +53,8 @@ cd static/js/
mkdir blackbox-search
cd blackbox-search
git clone .
git checkout modularize-admin
# Følg installeringsguide til marcus-search-client (
git checkout admin
# Følg installeringsguide til marcus-search-client (
# Første steg:
cp default.semantic.json semantic.json
npm install
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