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legg til andre del av if expr

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......@@ -11,13 +11,13 @@
<td class="collapsing">{% ifchanged row.p.value %}<a href="{{row.p.value}}">{% if row.classLabel %}{{row.classLabel.curie}}{% else %}{{row.p.value}}{%endif%}</a>{% endifchanged%}</td>
{%if not row.o | null %}
{%if not row.o | null && row.label %}
<a rel='{{row.p.value}}' href='{{row.o.value}}'>{{row.label.value}}</a>
{%if not row.o | null %}
{%if not row.o | null && !row.label %}
<a rel='{{row.p.value}}' href='{{row.o.value}}'>{{row.o.curie}}</a>
{%if not row.o | null %}
{%if not row.o | null && !row.label %}
<span property='{{row.p.value}}'>{{row.o.value}}</span>
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