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move env template from centos to el

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......@@ -3,18 +3,17 @@ Centos7-system
A small role for generic system tasks common for UB
* Checks for Centos7/rhel7
* Checks for RHEL8/Rocky Linux 8/Almalinux 8
* adds a cron job to update and restart the system at a specified time.
* (Optional) add hostname (domain) to server
* (Optional) adds public keys to authorized_keys for box
* (Optional) adds environment variables
* (Optional) adds [IUS]( default 'false' repo for centos7
* (Optional) adds chronic for system email and sets email in /var/spool/cron jobs
* (Optional) adds volumes (To attach, use os_client_uh-iaas role to create volumes.)
Requires centos 7
Requires RHEL8, RockyLinux 8 (for now, no properties added for Almalinux or Centos Stream)
Role Variables
......@@ -34,9 +33,8 @@ Example Playbook
name: centos7-system
ius_repo: true
epel_repo: true
centos7_extra_packages: ["yum-utils","imagemagick"]
el8_extra_packages: ["yum-utils","imagemagick"]
- "ssh-rsa public-key1"
- "ssh-rsa public key2"
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