Commit aba34a5e authored by Oyvind.Gjesdal's avatar Oyvind.Gjesdal
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include uib-ssl if any item is set with uib

parent 27876b14
......@@ -38,14 +38,13 @@
register: "apache_vhost_has_ssl_digicert"
when: "item.ssl | default (false) | bool and item.ssl_type is defined and item.ssl_type =='uib'"
- name: "debug"
msg: "{{ apache_vhost_has_ssl_digicert }}"
- name: "include digicert-uib"
include_tasks: "uib-ssl.yml"
when: "apache_vhost_has_ssl_digicert.results[0].item"
#check if some vhost has certbot set for ssl
#- name: Include local tasks for ssl template and certbot
# include_tasks: "certbot_ssl.yml"
# include_tasks: "certbot_ssl.yml"
# when:
# check if some vhost as uib set for ssl
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