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add documentation for setting certificates

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......@@ -36,6 +36,17 @@ vhost.ssl_type: "certbot|uib" #default certbot
vhost.http_only_extra_parameters ()
vhost.ssl (undef, true if ssl to be used)
## UiB SSL
When you run a playbook with `ssl_type: uib`, the server forwards a tempate to `serveradmin` by mail (if mail is available on the server).
The content can be added to to receive a certificate from (in 2020-11).
Two of the urls from one of the emails should be added to (vaulted) variables.
* as Certificate only, PEM encoded
* as Root/Intermediate(s) only, PEM encoded
Ad dto vhost, see the example below.
## Example playbook
......@@ -58,6 +69,8 @@ vhost.ssl (undef, true if ssl to be used)
ProxyPass /example.dtd http://localhost:8080/service/example.dtd
ssl: true
ssl_type: "uib|letsencrypt" # default letsencrypt if empty
certificate_interm_only_url: "{{ eksempel_no_interm_only_url }}" # only when ssl_type uib
certificate_only_url: "{{ eksempel_no_cert_only_url }}" # oly when ssl_type uib
become: true
- httpd
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