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......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ Repository for the Momayo ontology.
This is a repository that is used as a submodule. The data is in the parent repository and this `.pprj` file points to `../data/data.rdf-xml.owl`
Updated by cron job on server.
## Scripts
When saving the form Protégé will save the path to `data.rdf-xml.owl` as an abolute file path. One must find and replace this to `../data/data.rdf-xml.owl`.
......@@ -86492,7 +86492,7 @@
([KB_325529_Class4] of String
(name "owl_file_name")
(string_value "file:/Users/st10938/prosjekt/update-marcus/marcus-momayo/data/data.rdf-xml.owl"))
(string_value "../data/data.rdf-xml.owl"))
([KB_444675_Instance_0] of String
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