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Merge branch 'bugfix/firma-model' into 'master'

Adjust Firma models

See merge request !56
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......@@ -533,13 +533,13 @@ class Firma(BaseModel):
tax_office_reference: str
tax_system: str
vat_registration_number: str
multi_company_information: Connection
accounting: Accounts
currency_information: Currency
vat_information: VAT
multi_company_information: typing.Optional[Connection]
accounting: typing.Optional[Accounts]
currency_information: typing.Optional[Currency]
vat_information: typing.Optional[VAT]
last_updated: UpdatedInfo
contact_points: typing.List[ContactPoint]
related_values: typing.List[RelatedValue]
contact_points: typing.Optional[typing.List[ContactPoint]]
related_values: typing.Optional[typing.List[RelatedValue]]
class Config:
alias_generator = to_lower_camel
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