Commit cedca197 authored by Jo Sama's avatar Jo Sama 😱
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Add department, budgetHolder, jobTitle to Person

parent 37ad6257
......@@ -190,6 +190,15 @@ class Operator(BaseModel):
return super(Operator, self).dict(*args, **kwargs)
class Department(BaseModel):
id: str
name: str
class BudgetHolder(BaseModel):
id: str
name: str
class Person(BaseModel):
id: Optional[str]
first_name: str
......@@ -198,11 +207,15 @@ class Person(BaseModel):
phone: Optional[str]
mobile: Optional[str]
email: str
employee_number: str
employee_number: Optional[str]
branch: BranchReference
# TODO: Remove the password field when proper auth is in place
password: Optional[str]
department: Optional[Department]
budgetHolder: Optional[BudgetHolder]
jobTitle: Optional[str]
class Config:
fields = {
'first_name': 'firstName',
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