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Add models related to branches

parent b1e38a9b
from enum import Enum
import datetime
import json
import pydantic
from typing import List
from typing import List, Optional
class BaseModel(pydantic.BaseModel):
......@@ -15,14 +17,128 @@ class BaseModel(pydantic.BaseModel):
return cls.from_dict(data)
class Identifier(BaseModel):
""" An object with only an ID that references some entity. """
id: str
class Reference(BaseModel):
""" Also called a searchlist. """
id: str
name: str
class OptionalFields(BaseModel):
""" An abomination. """
boolean1: Optional[bool]
boolean2: Optional[bool]
boolean3: Optional[bool]
boolean4: Optional[bool]
boolean5: Optional[bool]
number1: Optional[int]
number2: Optional[int]
number3: Optional[int]
number4: Optional[int]
number5: Optional[int]
date1: Optional[datetime.datetime]
date2: Optional[datetime.datetime]
date3: Optional[datetime.datetime]
date4: Optional[datetime.datetime]
date5: Optional[datetime.datetime]
text1: Optional[str]
text2: Optional[str]
text3: Optional[str]
text4: Optional[str]
text5: Optional[str]
searchlist1: Optional[Reference]
searchlist2: Optional[Reference]
searchlist3: Optional[Reference]
searchlist4: Optional[Reference]
searchlist5: Optional[Reference]
class AddressTypeEnum(str, Enum):
gb = 'GB'
nl = 'NL'
memo = 'MEMO'
class Address(BaseModel):
street: str
number: str
country: Reference
city: str
county: str
postcode: str
memo: str
type: AddressTypeEnum
class Config:
fields = {
'memo': {'alias': 'addressMemo'},
'type': {'alias': 'addressType'},
class BranchTypeEnum(str, Enum):
independent = 'independentBranch'
head = 'headBranch'
has_a_head = 'hasAHeadBranch'
class Branch(BaseModel):
identity: str
id: str
name: str
specification: str
client_reference_number: str
timezone: str
extra_a: Reference
extra_b: Reference
phone: str
fax: str
address: Address
postal_address: Address
email: str
website: str
type: BranchTypeEnum
head_branch: Identifier
creator: Reference
creationDate: datetime.datetime
modificationDate: datetime.datetime
modifier: Reference
optional_fields_1: OptionalFields
optional_fields_2: OptionalFields
class Config:
fields = {
'client_reference_number': {'alias': 'clientReferenceNumber'},
'timezone': {'alias': 'timeZone'},
'extra_a': {'alias': 'extraA'},
'extra_b': {'alias': 'extraB'},
'postal_address': {'alias': 'postalAddress'},
'type': {'alias': 'branchType'},
'head_branch': {'alias': 'headBranch'},
'optional_fields_1': {'alias': 'optionalFields1'},
'optional_fields_2': {'alias': 'optionalFields2'},
'created': {'alias': 'creationDate'},
'modified': {'alias': 'modificationDate'},
class BranchReference(BaseModel):
id: str
name: str
client_reference_number: str
timezone: str
extra_a: Reference
extra_b: Reference
class Config:
fields = {
'identity': {'alias': 'id'},
'name': {'alias': 'name'}
'client_reference_number': {'alias': 'clientReferenceNumber'},
'timezone': {'alias': 'timeZone'},
'extra_a': {'alias': 'extraA'},
'extra_b': {'alias': 'extraB'},
......@@ -33,7 +149,7 @@ class Operator(BaseModel):
phone: str
mobile: str
email: pydantic.EmailStr
branch: Branch
branch: BranchReference
class Config:
fields = {
......@@ -42,6 +158,4 @@ class Operator(BaseModel):
'user_name': {'alias': 'loginName'},
'phone': {'alias': 'telephone'},
'mobile': {'alias': 'mobileNumber'},
'email': {'alias': 'email'},
'branch': {'alias': 'branch'}
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