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    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.plugins.mq: make use of get_consumer() in entry-point script · ad454a48
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      Now that the ConsumerConfig is not mutated and the username/password
      is correctly read into the original AppConfig, we remove some
      boilerplate for configuring the consumer by relying on the new
      tofh.plugins.mq.get_consumer() API.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.plugins.mq: configure logging earlier · e1fb2aff
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      Logging was being initialised relatively late causing the loss of
      (at least) two previous log entries.  This patch ensures the logger
      is initialised right at the beginning, before we take care of any
      other business.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.plugins.mq: fix reading username and password from stdin · 651fafb7
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      Reading passwords from stdin was broken as it interacted with the
      wrong configuration.  This fixes the problem and adds support for
      reading a username.
      This is a prerequisite for making use of the new get_consumer() API
      introduced earlier in this changeset.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.config: add AppConfig.to_dict() · f74f060b
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      To alter an AppConfig that has already been read in from file or
      YAML string, we must have a way to dump it to a mutable dictionary
      that can later be read in again.
      This will come in useful when the entry-point script of tofh.plugins.mq
      asks for the username and password if they are not present in the
      The approach used here is delicately handcrafted and a future
      improvement would be to formally define AppConfig's format in some
      way.  See TOFH-4.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.config: simplify AppConfig.get() · 82ca11b4
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      AppConfig.get() can rely on self.extra.get() for the exact same
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.config: make Celery config introspectable · 47797624
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      create_celery_config() crafts a celeryconfig object with the
      conf_dict's items as its attributes.  Because it is an object we
      cannot safely introspect its members without filtering its __dict__.
      To make the Celery configuration introspectable, i.e. for testing
      purposes, this patch replaces it with a functionally equivalent
      class that inherits from a dict.  This enables us to enumerate it
      in the usual ways.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.plugins.mq.consumer: add new entry-point for getting Consumer · 6dc66e37
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      Adds a new entry-point tofh.plugins.mq.get_consumer() for retrieving
      the MQ consumer based on an AppConfig.
      This makes it easier to use tofh.plugins.mq programmatically, i.e.
      when not invoking 'TOFH_CONFIG=config.yml python -m tofh.plugins.mq'
      from the shell.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tests: structure tests according to modules · c927a36d
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      Introduces a structure to the tests/ directory based on the module
      hierarchy under tofh/.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      tofh.plugins.mq: move Consumer to own module · 101d9d13
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      __init__.py should primarily be used for what its name infers:
      initialisation code.
      This moves tofh.plugins.mq.Consumer to tofh.plugins.mq.consumer,
      but maintains an import to not break API compatibility.
      Fixes: TOFH-3
    • Deaktivert bruker's avatar
      vcs: ignore a usual venv path · d15004af
      Deaktivert bruker authored
      Fixes: TOFH-3
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