Commit abca2299 authored by Gonzalo S Nido's avatar Gonzalo S Nido
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Bug fix

parent 4123e0f2
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ CMD="${samtools} merge -n -r -@ 32 ${output_dir}/b38_${sample_id}.bam ${bamfile_
echo -e ${CMD} > ${log_dir}/1_2_merge.cmd
if $MONITOR; then
echo -e "\n "
${psrecord} "bash ${log_dir}/1_2_aln.cmd" --log ${log_dir}/1_2_merge.resources --interval 60 --include-children
${psrecord} "bash ${log_dir}/1_2_merge.cmd" --log ${log_dir}/1_2_merge.resources --interval 60 --include-children
bash ${log_dir}/1_2_merge.cmd
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