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# Clustering
# Visual data analysis
This repository is intented to contain examples of work flows for CyTOF data.
I will demonstrate some techniques for quick visual analysis of data.
## R scripts
## Jupyter notebooks.
## Installation of Divisive Gater
### Prerequisites:
* [Git](
installed on your computer
* Python 3
* Jupyter Notebook
### Recommendation: Install python 3 with [Anaconda]( for your OS.
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Follow these [instructions](
### Clone the [divisivegater]( repository.
Follow the installation procedures of the
[divisivegater]( by
implementing all the commands starting the git clone command.
After installing `divisivegater` and opening jupyter you need to tell
jupyter that you want to use `divisivegater`. You do this by choosing
`divisivegater` as 'kernel'.
### Test the installation
Navigate to the python subfolder of this
repository and see if the notebooks in there works. (There will be something in red. It is a warning, not a showstopper, so we ignore it for now.) If not, please send
me an email explaining what goes wrong. At present you find two
notebooks. One that requires R and one that does not need R.
repository and see if the notebooks in there works.
### Install missing modules
Python is going to complain about missing modules. You install them with pip install.
For example
pip install umap-learn
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